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Craft Beer Gets Craftier

Hybrids we wished hadn't happened: jeggings, infomercials, sporks. A much more promising mashup: Beer brewed with wine..

Polished Carpe Diem rises from the ruins

Scott Kendall may not equate his livelihood to that of the phoenix. Yet, like the long-lived mythical bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn, Kendall and his popular Napa restaurant and wine bar have been given, like the phoenix, a new lease on life....

Carpe Diem Returns, Bigger and Better

Congratulations to the team at Carpe Diem for reopening their beautiful wine bar in downtown Napa. The building, located on the corner of 2nd and Brown Street, was badly damaged in the August 2014 earthquake...

10 Best Restaurants for Dinner in Napa Valley

Napa Valley built its reputation on world-class wine. But tasting isn’t just about what’s in a wine glass...

Wining and Dining in Napa Valley

Napa Valley TV interview with chef/owner Scott Kendall and general manager Jim Foster....

Quake-damaged Alexandria Square welcomes back its tenants

It’s one of the iconic images of Napa’s Aug. 24 earthquake –- the askew rooftop cupola atop Alexandria Square, the street below covered with toppled bricks. Almost a year later, the roof is back in place. And while the building remains shrouded by protective construction sheeting, inside it’s back to business for tenants...

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Carpe Diem Wine Bar and Restaurant: still producing Grade A innovation and flavor

Only a ten minute walk from Napa’s luxury Bed and Breakfast Inn... Read More

- Adventures in Napa-Land

Swirl, Sip and Savor: The Best Wine Tasting In Downtown Napa

It’s no secret that the City of Napa has spruced itself up sufficiently to be a wine country destination in its own right... Read More

- JustLuxe

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at Carpe Diem in Downtown Napa

Read about Carpe Diem in a recent blog by San Fran's 7x7... Read More

- 7x7

Seize the Night

When the tasting rooms close, tourists and young Valley dwellers compete for tables at Carpe Diem Wine Bar (1001 Second Street, Napa; 707-224-0800; Housed in the former Alexandria Hotel, the bar serves 63 wines by the glass, from small production wines to the $85-a-half-bottle Krug Grand Cuvée Champagne... Read More

- The New York Times

Carpe diem – bold, eclectic food

Not just a wine bar, the food at Carpe Diem in Napa is eclectic, tasty and happy-making. Owner/chef Scott Kendall serves an inventive assortment of Small Bites and Bigger Bites meant to be sampled and shared.... Read More

- LA Examiner

Downtown Napa luring tourists who once bypassed it

The guests of The Inn on First, a quaint bed-and-breakfast in downtown Napa, gathered around the community table on a recent Sunday morning. Sleepy-eyed but smiling, they awaited their breakfast of fresh fruit... Read More

- The Sacramento Bee

Culinary SOS: Carpe Diem's Mexican chocolate pot de crème

Dear SOS: My husband and I recently visited downtown Napa, Calif. The amazing chocolate dessert at Carpe Diem is absolutely the best chocolate... Read More

- Los Angeles Times

Stephanie Kendall: Getting to know her customers...

Local restaurateur Stephanie Kendall is having a blast celebrating her first year as co-owner of Carpe Diem Wine Bar in... Read More

- Napa Valley Register

Three Places To Take (Or Score) A Hot Date In Napa

Steve, Stephanie, and Scott have created something beautiful at the corner of Brown and Second Streets. Modern decor, creative comfort food, and a quirky, ever-changing wine list... Read More

- Hedonism Ink

Carpe Beerum!

In Napa, pairing wine with food is the rule rather than the exception. Local restaurants seem to build their menus around their wine list and I can’t remember the last time I had a beverage other than wine with my dinner... Read More

- Napa Patch

Carpe Diem: a wine bar in the wine country that really works.

Living in San Francisco for 14 years taught me an appreciation for wine bars and good food. It gave you the opportunity to try new releases and new vineyards with a paired food item. When the new wine bar, Carpe Diem, opened I was skeptical: do we really need a wine bar in Napa? My answer is absolutely YES!... Read More

- Local B&B

Friends and family seize the day with new Napa wine bar

Lining a high shelf at Carpe Diem is a collection of wine bottles; each is a story in his own evolution as a lover of wine, said Steve Distler, who is one of the trio who has launched Napa’s newest wine bar and restaurant....Read More

- Napa Valley Register

Best of the best tasting rooms in Napa

Napa Valley is home to hundreds of wineries, a land of plenty for wine lovers. The city of Napa itself hosts both estate wineries and a growing number of downtown tasting rooms. Here are our top picks for Napa tasting rooms, earning at least 2 1/2 out of a possible four stars...Read More

- San Francisco Chronicle

Carpe Diem Wine Bar Opens in Downtown Napa

Sieze the day and visit the hip new wine bar Carpe Diem that just opened this month in downtown Napa. It’s the brainchild of three young wine-lovers, sommelier Steve Distler who’s a New York transplant, and local kids Scott and Stephanie Kendall...Read More

- The Nile Guide

What I Drank Last Night:

At Carpe Diem, a super new wine bar in Napa, the delightful 2009 Joie de Vivre Sauvignon Blanc from Joseph Kent. But first Carpe Diem. Open only two weeks, this attractive, informal restaurant and wine bar is the creation of owner and wine director Steve Distler. Distler is a serious wine enthusiast, and I mean serious, particularly when it comes to seeking out idiosyncratic small producers of interesting wine...
Read More

- Nick on Wine

Urban Spoon: Carpe Diem Wine Bar

User Reviews of Carpe Diem Read More

- Urban Spoon

The Next Generation of Napa Restaurant

The husband and wife team behind Carpe Diem Wine Bar also have an eye for style. Stephanie and Scott Kendall transformed the utterly forgettable La Gondola into a swank urban oasis just a block away from Bistro Sabor on Second Street...Read More